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  • […] new page titled “handmade books” featuring some pictures of the little notebooks made by me has also been added here. […]

  • auvi_joe says:

    Books are looking nice. If you decide to make and finish your friend’s wedding photo book, take some photos of it so we can see. 🙂

  • sputnik00 says:

    thanks for stopping by! if it materialises, will definitely do so.

  • Japanese bookbinding is very fun indeed!!

    Thanks for stopping by my website. Looking forward to more of your craft projects!

    PS: took a peek at your flickr photos, THEY ARE AWESOME! 😀

  • tarundg says:

    Awesome work. Most of it is section bound? How do you trim the three edges of the book after stitching and final binding?

    • sputnik00 says:

      thanks for the compliment!

      i try not to have to trim the three exposed edges by only using as many sheets per signature (what you call a section) as the thickness of each sheet permits before uneven edges result on the three sides.

      so if using four sheets folded in two causes uneven edges, i will reduce it to three sheets folded in two and press them overnight under heavy books.

  • Sunny says:

    Come work for me my little Sputnik sweetheart.

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