christmas cahiers

24 December, 2014 § Leave a comment

first time making hand-stitched pocket cahiers.

can’t take my eyes off them.



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altered book made during a workshop by Eriko Hirashima.

weekend crafting

22 September, 2013 § Leave a comment

time does fly. 8 years ago it was when I put together a little brown book for a gift raffle in the office – one of my favourite colour palettes of mandarin orange and bronze, simple hole-punched with a hand stenciled star cut-out.

today, for the office raffle this Wednesday, I instinctively wax the thread and weave my way through my favourite stitch. the Coptic. remembering the feeling of being intimately bound to that which is being formed by my hands, and after, to experience the bittersweet recognition that it is no longer mine. that I have set something free to go out into the world.



secret belgian binding

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My First Concertina

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antiquing adventure

10 September, 2011 § 3 Comments

found some unloved crummy and rather tacky photo frames buried away in the cupboard.  decided to make a gift of them

but only after a makeover.

they sort of go together don’t you think?  one seemed to look lonely without the other.

am quite pleased at how they turned out.

it is all also rather addictive.  makes me want to lay my hands on other unloved wooden objects and work that sandpaper.

imagine that

20 March, 2011 § Leave a comment

imagine that by sputnik00
imagine that a photo by sputnik00 on Flickr.

i always believed it was impossible for someone like me to be able to draw. anything. years of getting a failing grade in art class, and being dismissed from a chinese painting class corroborated that belief.

so i never did dare to pick up a pen or pencil to attempt to draw. even if it were just for myself.

but then, in the middle of listening to the n-th example of when to book in a deferred tax liability / asset, in a freezing seminar room, i did this. i don’t know why, how or where it came from, but there it was looking back at me from the scratch pad.

i still can’t quite describe the feeling. it pleased me immensely just looking at it.

it wasn’t anything spectacular but it was mine.


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