colours of the rainbow

20 July, 2014 § Leave a comment


symphonic jazz


it was wonderful to be wrapped up in new colours.

esconded in the magical groove of Tama’s drum and Brian’s bass (stick bass!).

now that the concert is over, i struggle to walk the line between sobriety and slipping under the spell of those 4 toxicating measures from You’ll  Never Have To Dance Alone.

so many years, so many experiments, yet no where closer to figuring out what it is i am meant to do with the things that possibly only i can do.  on days like this, i feel mediocre in so many ways; cowardly.  terrified of going over the edge, which beckons relentlessly in every way it can.

for it is not a single impulse, but a multitude.  they remind me not to forget what it feels to encounter the sublime:

“i look into your eyes / all the colours of the rainbow manifest inside”

You’ll Never Have to Dance Alone by Kerong Chok, with lyrics by Rani Singham.




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