15 September, 2013 § Leave a comment


He kept isolating himself. Every bridge he built, he burnt. And I understood why at times, because he is on a trajectory that’s different from other people. And, because of that, he can’t form those human relationships that other organisations have. And that is tragic.” ( The peculiar charm of Benedict Cumberbatch,

Those words hit home in a poignant way. Is this the reason I always clamour to  be alone – surrounded by bridges on all sides, above and under, yet never able to trust enough to venture across one. And so I apply myself to reclaiming the solid ground around me, so there will not be a need to traverse that boundary. All the while, the surrounding waters get deeper as the boundaries move to meet the open sea.

Which is more terrifying – to take a chance with the bridge or with the ocean? I cannot say for sure.



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