Finding The Line of Beauty

3 February, 2013 § Leave a comment

On the bus ride to work one morning, I watched Benjamin Zander speak of music and its power to move the things within us.

He spoke of the impulse; how we start out feeling those impulses in stops and starts, gradually linking them together and finally feeling it as one grand impulse.

This is easier to understand as a wind player. The impulse can only last as long as the breath is sustained. The longer we can sustain, the broader the phase we can give to the music. The broader the phrase, the greater the interpretative possibilities and subtleties.

We search always for that line of beauty. I used to think beauty is much like happiness, existing in a moment. The thing is, beauty really is context and what meaning that context and confluence brings to you at a personal level. It also explains why there are people who are not moved by the majesty of mountains or the mystery of an orchid.

Sometimes, the beauty that comes to us expresses itself, as it would, as a long line – makes us hold our breath, captures our vision entirely.

Ko Samui was, as a tourist destination, not my kind of place. A huge beach party venue for Caucasians. The Asian tourist being a minority. Sadly, most of the beaches were polluted with human waste. The cleaner beaches were at Mae Nam.

Still, going away for awhile was good for me. It helped me to start writing again.

Thai food was fabulous as always. The spices made everything pop and tingle on your tongue.

My greatest delight was one shot that I think is a keeper.



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