the ninth elegy

22 April, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Why, when this span of life might be fleeted away
as laurel, a little darker than all
the surrounding green, with tiny waves on the border
of every leaf (like the smile of the wind): – oh, why
have to be human, and, shunning Destiny,
long for Destiny? …
Not because happiness really
exists, that precipitate profit of imminent loss.
Not out of curiosity, not just to practise the heart,
that could still be there in laurel. …
But because being here is much, and because all this
that’s here, so fleeting, seems to require us and strangely
concerns us.  Us the most fleeting of all.  Just once,
everything, only for once.  Once and no more.  And we, too,
once.  And never again.  But this
having been once, though only once,
having been once on earth – can it ever be cancelled?”

– From The Ninth Elegy by Reiner Maria Rilke



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