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was browsing the hansard reports (yes, for leisure) and came across this excerpt which startled me.

Parliament No:11

Session No:1

Volume No:83

Sitting No:15

Sitting Date:2007-10-23

“Mr Charles Chong (Pasir Ris-Punggol): Mr Speaker, Sir, I am always delighted to speak immediately after the Prime Minister, because most likely he would have covered everything that I wanted to say and in a more eloquent way as well. …

Gender neutrality

      Sir, the Amendment Bill seeks to make our penal laws more gender-neutral.  The proposed repeal of section 498 – under which only men can be charged for an offence that both men and women are quite capable of committing  – is a good example of how we have made progress on this front.

      Sir, some years ago, I had asked for a review of this section as it did not seem right that only a man could be imprisoned for up to two years and be fined for enticing a married woman away from her husband.  However, a woman who entices a married man away from his wife, (which I think is more often the case) committed no crime.  Perhaps she would have earned a bad reputation, but she was not guilty of any offence under the Penal Code.”


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