shin soma bushi

7 September, 2011 § Leave a comment

though there is no precise memory whatsoever, the smile lingers.  experience tells me that i arrive at this place only if things went ok yesterday night.  i cannot quite believe it is all over.

that is usually the case with such episodes of my life.

fleeting and fabulous.

thirteen years after i first sat down to play with this ensemble, i had to take a solo on stage with them.  i could not have played it without them.  without the many words of encouragement along the way; enduring the many silly technical questions i had because my theory is just so poor.  the belief that i would make my peace with it eventually.

and the one whom i have not spoken to in days but who is always close by.

last night, some of whom i grew up learning so much from came to shake my hand.  last night, i felt something in me come unstuck.  i know, instinctively, that so many more journeys lie ahead of me.  i look forward to each of them.



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