baby bird sequel

25 April, 2010 § Leave a comment

in the middle of 2009, i discovered a nest, with two of the littlest speckled eggs i had ever seen up close, hidden in the nook of the branches of the most hideous cactus in our garden.

in the summer of 2009

back then, i didn’t manage to observe the adult birds closely because they would usually be out scavenging during the day and by the time i got back, they would have curled up in the nest to keep their precious bundle warm.  from what little i saw of them (though i did spot one of the adults displaying a yellow underside on the tail area), they resembled this guy over here.  but i can’t really be sure.

i was both happy and sad when the little nestlings finally managed to leave the nest after an initial unsuccessful attempt with the encouragement of their parents who made a great great noise as the cheerleading team.  after some reading up on the Internet, it seemed that birds don’t usually return to the same nest twice but we left the nest intact in case they ever needed it for that rainy day.

to my delight, i found myself looking at that very same picture again last week.  two speckled eggs, even tinier than the first set, lay in the nest.  it looked like the adult birds had done some renovation to the old nest as well, filling up the gaps and corners with soft materials like bits of tissue paper and scraps of coconut leaf.

yesterday night, one new baby bird was born.  the adults had already cleaned up the nest by the time i spotted him, not a bit of eggshell remained.  he was all curled up around the egg that remained.  we knew from experience that the other baby bird would probably say hello to the world soon so i got my camera ready for the morning after.

they aren’t exactly cute and adorable, not the type you would want to hug, kiss and take home, if you know what i mean.  but believe me, when your eyes fall upon a nest with tiny hatchlings sleeping inside, oblivious and exposed to the world all at once, it is one of those moments when you don’t really want to say or do anything.  you just want to gaze at them and be silent.

the babies

more comfortable now

happy birthday!


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