theatre music by philip sparke

27 February, 2010 § Leave a comment

more than ten years ago, i looked at the 2nd bassoon score of theatre music and was seized with panic. it was a piece beyond me, technically, intellectually and emotionally.

though i’ve never had a bassoon tutor, i have always been fortunate to be in the company of musicians who would all be my teachers in ways both great and little.  i remember desiring the crispness of the trumpets,  the stoicism of the trombones by the side, the lightness of the flutes, the precision of the snare drum, the majesty of the horn.  and in the midst of all that, my bassoon and i fumbled and stumbled around in the space that was given to us alone.

couple nights ago, after months of not playing in an ensemble, i looked at the 1st bassoon part and strangely found myself not remembering a thing about this piece of music.  it left no real impression those years ago primarily because i had never made my peace with it out of fear.  i found myself thinking (and worrying) less and allowing the music to show me where it should go, using my energy to concentrate on how and where we fit in with this big big piece of music.

and fell in love again.

the gorgeous 2nd movement performed by the Swedish National Wind Band

we are back.  and it is a beautiful feeling.


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