why i shoot film

4 October, 2009 § 2 Comments

was organising my photos in flickr and stumbled upon an old photo which i dearly loved.  and gazing at it reminded me what it was that attracted me to it.

coincidentally i’ve read several blog posts about why film endures, and the reasons strike me as immensely personal.  intimate almost.

#1: “Doing the film thing gives me a Warm fuzzy.”

#2: “Film looks different, film feels different.”

#3: “I prefer to shoot film because it is a more human process, complete with all the frailties, mistakes, fears, worries, concerns, and doubts that define me as a human being.”

someone asked me this question some time last week.  but at the time i could not quite describe the sentiment and so muttered something about it being just different, like Mathias does in #2; about the grain, like Chris does in #1; and about imperfection like Asim does in #3.

listening to Dar Williams and watching the night deepen at this moment, i love this photo because it reminds me that simplicity is a form of intensity too.   just like honesty.  cannot be described with words.

flickr link here.


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