ideas in a crazy world

30 April, 2009 § Leave a comment

in the past two days, i have been seized by the desire to go back to school.  not that the desire had ever abandoned me, but that it somehow wakes up and gives a wag now and again.  i am still looking for the question from five years ago, with the knowledge that when i find the question, the answer will be self-evident.

and this is the hardest part for me.  i conceive things as one giant ball of something, a something with no name.  seeking the question is like watching a clump of grey particles suspended in mid-air – i cannot control it, i do not know what it will reveal.  all i do is observe and observe somemore.  and the craziest thing is i do not know why i continue to observe but i do because i cannot help that either.

key words sometimes help more than sentences because sentences are constructs which influence the way we think.  so key words it is.  things which always interest me, at any time, at any place, for no reason, and for every reason.

public domain • speech • internet • society • regulation • norms • creativity • expression • culture • language

my question is sound asleep somewhere in between those words.  i need money to do my post-graduate studies, but more than that, i need an idea.  having too many ideas sometimes seems like having no idea at all.

as a sign that we live in a crazy world, here’s a funny article about Dr Woo – the dental surgeon who thought fake boar tusks the next big thing in dental surgery.


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