Sony NW-E040

22 April, 2009 § Leave a comment

have been hunting around for a player to replace my loyal Cowon iAudio U3 whose battery is not holding its charge very well these days.

the U3 was the perfect player for me:

  • drag-and-drop
  • compact
  • extensive codec support
  • UMS and MTP
  • FM radio
  • recording function
  • real tactile buttons

and it has the most wonderful synergy with my audio technica CK7.

the sansa clip sounds like good value-for-money with a decent sound but some threads on head-fi also note that it does not sound as rich as the iPod Touch or Sony players.

the Sony players tend to be portable media players rather than dedicated audio players and i don’t really need those functions.  but Sony is apparently releasing an update to their E-Series which caught my eye – the Sony NW-E040.

Sony E-Series Update

The NW-E044 is the 8GB model.  Other flavours being the NW-E042 (2GB) and NW-E043 (4GB).  I find the USB-stick design very handy for instant plugability (read: no lugging extra wires or connectors!).

A 3-line OLED screen would also translate into decent battery life.  It will probably not have support for open source codecs like .ogg or .flac though.  But I can have ATRAC files too, so hopefully the Asia Pacific version will have support for that.

It comes with swoppable face panels.  Pretty quirky.

Source: Sony Japan website.


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