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21 March, 2009 § 2 Comments

Indigo Girls Live
Singapore Mosaic Music Festival
Esplanade Concert Hall
16 March 2009

For the first minute or so, I was frozen in my seat as it slowly dawned upon me who it was standing on that stage right before me. All flesh and blood. Truly.

And then the sound of a song I did not recognise but which bore an unmistakable signature filled the space all around and I knew it was for real.

In my favourite concert hall in all the world, I was listening to my favourite band in all the world – the Indigo Girls.  Live.  In all their acoustic glory.

Despite the cheers, the screams and the infectious clapping of the crowd, I was in another place – the energy, the honesty, the passion.  It was immensely humbling.

Amy was right.  They bring with them images of America, but when they put heart to the song, the sentiment is always human.  All I wanted to do was be still in the presence of greatness.

After the concert, I felt a hint of panic because I could not remember the sequence of the set list but salvation came from this post at The Camel Diaries.

Set List (courtesy of The Camel Diaries)

  1. Yield
  2. Hammer And A Nail
  3. Heartache For Everyone
  4. Fill It Up Again
  5. Shame On You
  6. Get Out Of The Map
  7. Three County Highway
  8. Power Of Two
  9. Ozilline
  10. Pendulum Swinger
  11. Become You
  12. Love Of Our Lives
  13. Sugar Tongue
  14. Ghost
  15. Driver Education
  16. Closer To Fine
  17. Chickenman
  18. Kid Fears (Encore)
  19. Galileo (Encore)

:: Sugar Tongue ::

I actually managed to catch this on the Indigo Girls’ MySpace website before the concert and it struck me instantly as being special (not least because we get to hear Amy’s falsetto).  Was so happy to hear them sing this live ahead of the release of their new album.

:: Love Of Our Lives ::

The first sentence or so where they sing unison albeit an octave apart made my ears prick up because I was anticipating the moment they open up the harmony step by step.  It was funny because I had not heard this particular tune before then, and at that moment I expected the song to do that just so because its something only the Indigo Girls can do with their exquisite control and chemistry.

:: Shame On You ::

Emily’s ad lib on the guitar solo sounded so much like the one on Tangled Up In Blue.  So much like ….

:: Ghost ::

They increased the reverb on the microphones surely.  Emily’s wonderful voice was everywhere all at once.  The fall of first chord gave me goosebumps.  Of so many times I played this tune in my little room in London in the bleak winter with the rain outside.

:: Galileo ::

The second tune I ever heard by the Indigo Girls.  The first was, ironically, a cover of Gladys Knight’s Midnight Train To Georgia, with Ani Defranco.  A great great song.

:: Kid Fears ::

Thank you.  For sharing this with us.  The one song I adore above all others.

Twenty-two days from now, I shall be on that very stage, walking on the very same wooden floor from which the Indigo Girls gave Singapore an unforgettable night.  And just as I look forward to playing in the Esplanade year after year, I hope they will too.  Come back soon!

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