panasonic lumix dmc-lx3

12 September, 2008 § 4 Comments

Got myself a Panasonic LX3 in gorgeous black yesterday night. Was wondering whether I should let go of my trusty Konica-Minolta G400 because it’s a nifty-sized camera, quick start-up and capable of capturing the natural colours I love. Its autofocus is a bit too sloppy though. But might keep it for the rainy day or for when I don’t feel like roughing it with the LX3.

Haven’t had a chance to take the LX3 for a proper spin yet. Can’t wait. Though am a bit nervous about taking him out without a case. The bundle from Panasonic didn’t include a case unfortunately, not even a simple pouch, which seemed most odd to me. Definately need to get the little guy a case to keep him warm and dry. Have heard that the Lowepro TX20 D-Pods 40 will fit him so I’ll probably have to hit town to check it out some time next week.

That and I’m hunting for another memory card, just in case I overdo the snapping and bust my 4Gb card’s limit. So my autumn shopping spree isn’t quite done yet.

Will try and post a pic from the LX3 soon, but first a bit about the bundle I got which I thought was a pretty good deal at approximately US$475.

Pansonic LX3 bundle

  • The LX3 in wonderful black
  • An original battery
  • Wall charger
  • A TV-out cable and a cable to hook up the camera to the computer
  • A faux leather shoulder strap
  • A piece of wiry string to attach the lens cap to the camera
  • A 4Gb SDHC card
  • An additional OEM battery
  • The usual plethora of installation discs

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§ 4 Responses to panasonic lumix dmc-lx3

  • Juha Haataja says:

    Congratulations on your new camera. I’m waiting mine (in black) to arrive next week.

    I bought a camera pouch from DealExtreme to use with the camera, but I’ll check out your hint about Lowepro TX20.

  • sputnik00 says:

    hi juha, sorry abt that, have amended the post. it’s apparently the D-Pods 40 that can fit the LX3.

    the camera is so beautiful i feel like he deserves a snazzy cosy case all to himself. intend to check out some crumpler bags tomorrow, will keep everyone posted.

  • Willy says:

    Try the LowePro Rezo 30…works great for just the camera and a couple of memory cards.
    For a little more room but still small the Rezo 50.

    I’m waiting for a call from my local camera shop to pick up mine.

  • sputnik00 says:

    i tried some of the crumplers yesterday simply because i prefer a fun-type of bag which doesn’t scream “i-have-a-camera-inside”.

    the one million dollar crumpler fits it pretty snugly but leaves little room for anything else except some spare SD cards.

    crumplers are a bit pricey, but i love how sturdy they are. am still going to deliberate over it some more.

    thanks for the tip about the rezos. would love to hear how yours is like after you’ve used it for a bit.

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