keyboard hunting

17 July, 2008 § Leave a comment

the bout of citywalking over the weekend was primarily induced by my need to source for a keyboard. after four hours of hunting, it all still came to naught in the end. good thing is i can handle pondering over my purchases for days, months, even years, before biting the bullet. not so good thing is that when something feels right, i will be compelled to go with my instincts which can sometimes mean taking home with me things that weren’t in the grand plan in the first place.

not surprisingly i was knackered by late afternoon and so unceremoniously deposited myself on a couch at a quiet café stowed inside a bookshop, and treated myself to a shepherd’s pie (something about beef mince and hot potato mush always seems to appeal to me) and got started on the first of a trio of books i picked up from the local library on the way back.

anyways, back to the keyboard. sounds like such a simple thing and yet for some reason finding one that feels right seems so tricky. findings from the day’s adventure are:

  1. mechanical or laptop profile keys – i prefer mechanical keys that give you the clickety sort of tactile and audio feedback. laptop keys just feel so mushy in comparison, it’s wrong. armed with a real choice, i’d go with the keyboard on my IBM ThinkPad. keys all feel so right beneath my touch, with a full number pad, it would be perfect. afternote: It appears I may have found a man after my own heart. think i’ll scavenge around the house for old keyboards that could be stashed away in dark places and give them a test drive. beats running around town like a headless chicken and paying for something that leaves me less than absolutely satisfied.

  2. design – some keyboards look slick but don’t feel right [Logitech Ultra Flat]; some are plain janes but feel much better than you’d expect [old Microsoft keyboards in the bargain bins]; then there are some which feel good but the look is just so not me [Saitek Eclipse] that i’m struggling to bring myself to be seen in its company. it really all boils to a question of individual preference and priority i guess.

  3. price – how much is too much to pay for something that will keep you company just about every day? when i stumbled upon the CK7s, i learnt that it’s not always about getting the most expensive gadget money can buy. it’s usually about finding the one that fits you. for me the CK7s are perfect. so i’d probably go with that philosophy when it comes to keyboard hunting too.

the trick, i think, is knowing that only you know best your heart’s desire.


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