14 July, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s a grey Monday outside and am feeling bit listless.  Have somehow managed to get myself afflicted with a nasty cough that hasn’t subsided despite one whole bottle or Robitussin.  Am now onto my second bottle of cough meds and am getting accustomed to the cherry notes of the sweet red syrup whcih has a fizzy aftertaste.  Plus is that it doesn’t put me to sleep which is good for the work week which requires me to maintain a modicum of consciousness. 

Apparently, Robitussin also happens to be a mixer of cherry vodka and root beer schnapps.  Fizzy cherry is potent indeed.


The afternoon weather wasn’t scorching and I had couple hours to spare between appointments so I indulged in a nice long walk through the part of the city which used to house the old colonial administration.  A city has much so more texture when it is experienced at street level.  It’s the whole ensemble really – big skyscrapers with glass and more glass, enclaves of little colourful brick houses, the odd cosy restaurant tucked away in a side alley that sleeps in the day, the random types of people you encounter at traffic junctions whilst everyone is waiting forever for the green man sign to appear, the feeling of walking in the shadows of leaves, gusts of wind meeting you half-way down an empty street – sometimes warm, sometimes cool, and if you’re lucky, the smell of rain coming from nowhere and then everywhere.


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