x-mini capsule speaker review

8 July, 2008 § Leave a comment

had a day to myself to do simply nothing. hopped on a bus to town to check out prices for my long overdue upgrade of my 5-year old home desktop. stumbled upon this little nifty gadget and couldn’t resist bringing it home.

x-mini red and sony NW-HD5 red

x-mini red and sony NW-HD5 red


contains one x-mini red, a USB cable that doubles up as a charging cable and audio output cable, and a little carrying pouch.


an absolute breeze. unpacked it from its plastic box, charged it via USB for couple hours, extended the 2-halves and voila! it was good to go.


it sounds very decent to my ears. soundstaging is a bit narrow but that’s probably due to the fact that he’s supposed to be mono channel. am able to hear the lower spectrum of strings but the timpani is rather none present. upper sounds carry through better than i expected. piano is coming through crisp and lively.

look and feel

the size is simply terrific. it feels so light and gorgeous in my hand, i have the urge to bring it everywhere. and isn’t red such a sexy colour on gadgets!

warning: don’t try to use line-out without an external amp to control the volume though, i tried it just and could almost feel the membrane on the x-mini screaming in agony. bad idea.

overall i think he’s going to be doing lots of travelling with me. for the times i don’t want to shove my CK7s into my ear, or when i actually need to be cognisant of people attempting to speak to me. and for the times i want to watch the rain by the window.


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