yoguru tribute

25 May, 2008 § Leave a comment

for the second time in two consecutive weeks, indulged in some frozen soft serve yogurt from the mall near my home.

being the one-dish person that i am, was looking forward to having the apple flavoured one again from last week but it wasn’t on the menu today. the usual yami yogurt flavours of natural and peach were available (as was a dodgy-looking green thing which was supposed to be honeydew).

but had my heart set on something a bit more tangy or zesty so i settled on tangerine. the tangerine was gentle and more subtle than the apple. and for the first time, i was cognisant of the difference in texture between my childhood companion yami yogurt and my first-love yoguru.

whilst spooning the last remnants of my icy tangerine, i remembered why yoguru‘s natural flavour had stolen my heart. it has the most wonderful balance of sweetness and sour-ishness that makes yogurt different from ice-cream and the usual ice-blended desserts. and it has a lovely creaminess that transports you to a nice and cozy place. and the best thing i remember about yoguru is the sensation of experiencing the simplest of life’s pleasures in something yummy and uncomplicated.

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