17 May, 2008 § Leave a comment

Have always wondered if I were the only person in world who enjoys fumbling their way through new experiences.In some ways, it is the fumbling which sets one experience apart from the other for me. Then there comes a day … no, make that a moment in a day – a moment that usually comes after you stumble through your usual fumble – in which, in the stillness of your soul, you realise that you had been flying after all.

“All Nature is akin and the soul has learnt all things; so there is nothing to prevent one who has recollected – learnt, as we call it – one single thing, from discovering all the rest for himself, if he is resolute and unwearying in the search; for seeking or learning is nothing but recollection.”

From Plato, Meno (c. 382 BC), translated by Benjamin Jowett (1892) [Extract from Memory: An Anthology, Edited by Harriet Harvey Wood & A.S. Byatt (2008, Chatto & Windus, London)

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