31 January, 2008 § 2 Comments

Did two chapters of Interworld during lunch break. Not even half-way through and I like it already. It’s co-written by Neil Gaiman (who’s Neverwhere left me spellbound) and Michael Reeves (no clue who he is yet).

For a moment, I was wondering whether the idea of traversing universes had any link with Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, but then Jay – a bloke who dies early on – explains that the main idea is that in every moment a key decision is made, alternate worlds are created; one for the path chosen and one for the path that could have been; and these worlds are kept apart by something called the “In-Between”.

I’ve chanced upon this idea before in a Jeanette Winterson novel where she mentioned something about there being another “us” who lives out the life we didn’t end up choosing.

Good stuff.

p/s: managed to get this nice plastic cd box from Daiso and am now a bit obsessed with organising and storing my oddments into more nice plastic boxes. …


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