31 December, 2007 § Leave a comment

caught the animation vexille yesterday night.

had earlier chanced upon this review of the film at twitch. according to the review:

Vexille is about a future where android technology becomes forbidden once lines between technology and humanity cross. Everyone signs the UN treaty but Japan, who secludes themselves from the world, kicking out foreigners and masking themselves from electronic/satellite surveillance. After 10 years of seclusion, a Daiwa (Japanese robotic company) executive comes to meet with international politicians. Vexille, a female op based in LA, discovers the politicians dead, that the Daiwa is a cyborg and then must infiltrate Japan to stop the company and save the world.

the verdict – it was spectacular!

inanimate objects had incredible texture and depth, the sort of visual magic that made you believe you could reach out and touch them. robots and mechanical things were remarkably realistic. the humans …. now the humans …. were gorgeous. both the good-looking sort of gorgeous and so wonderfully illustrated it was as though they were breathed to life by the animators. soundtrack by paul oakenfold was very nifty too. what had me absolutely captivated was the character maria. loved the voice acting of Yasuko Matsuyuki.

to get an idea of how lush and beautiful the character drawings are, check out this site under the “about the movie” > “characters” tab.

it was very different from the other great animation i caught this year – Satoshi Kon’s Paprika – but both were good fun.


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