only 3 days …

29 December, 2007 § Leave a comment

the year is speeding to a close. it has left me pretty breathless. the memories come in fragments.

it has been a good year.

my decision to stop writing back in summer was an abrupt one and certainly not something i could or would sustain through the new year. i had thought that to write is to feel and so if i stopped writing, that the feeling would stop altogether. it was a bit like that in the end, but i hadn’t expected the despair that comes with the realisation of your unfeeling-ness.

i reckon 2008 will turn out to be one of those watershed years for me. looking forward to my spring trip and (with a mix of trepidation and restlessness) to 1 june 2008 when many things will become possible.

the sad news of the assassination of benazir bhutto is all over the broadsheets and the internet. the last time i felt this strange despair was hearing the news of the assassination of zoran djindic barely two weeks after attending a talk by him in london.

elsewhere in an article for The Times, jeanette winterson says that “Half of us are suffocated with stuff, and the other half is living on a dollar a day.”

there is much to ponder on. but in the meanwhile, my hope for all of us in the new year – to feel alive and to remind those who may have forgotten what this means.


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